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In the late 1800’s, the first of many boats full of Japanese migrants reached the shores of Peru. These Japanese immigrants, known as the Nikkei people, were searching for work on sugar plantations and over the next few years the Japanese community became much bigger in Peru.

Many Japanese ingredients weren’t available at hand so the Nikkei people started using the Peruvian food with the Japanese technique. After integrating into the community over the next few decades, the cuisine developed through to the next generations and restaurants started opening. This is how the Nikkei cuisine was born. Through the combination of Peruvian and Japanese food, something wonderful was created.

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After many years of planning and research, our Tayta dream has become a reality. In 2015, I was living in London and working as a Sommelier at hotspot Coya, which is a huge jungle themed venue in Mayfair that serves the Nikkei Cuisine to perfection. This is where my love for the cuisine started and over the next few years I visited many well known restaurants that served the Nikkei cuisine around the world as well as enjoyed cooking it at home for my family. I am excited to bring the Nikkei cuisine to the Gold Coast and hope everyone enjoys this unique and wonderful cuisine as much as we do.

Adriano Antonini
Owner of Tayta

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Saturday bottomless brunch $89

In true Nikkei style, enjoy a 6 courses menu with 2hrs bottomless Peruvian sangria and Prosecco or wine

Wednesday Para Picar

Every Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 7pm we offer $15 Pisco Sours and Margaritas alongside our tapas menu which includes $8 sushi tacos and anticuchos 

Sunday set menu $49

Sunday is a day to relax with family and friends, so why not share a great meal together and enjoy our 3 course menu, which include a glass of wine, beer or prosecco. offered every Sunday from 12pm - 7pm

Celebrate New Year Eve

join us on celebrating 2023, the year Tayta Nikkei was born, with a 6 course special dinner menu. Include in our best selection of Peruvian Japanese food whilst enjoining the fun vibe and funky music that Tayta has to offer, All dietary requirements can be catered for

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